Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Since 2002, I have been living in Spain with my husband, chess grandmaster and former British Champion, James Plaskett and our son, Alexander.

I am the author of more than 20 books of prose or poetry published by Chatto and WIndus, Abacus, Peter Owen, Sinclair-Stevenson, Arcadia Books, Salt  and smaller presses. I have also published many articles in the Independent, the Guardian, the Times, the Telegraph, London Review of Books and other magazines and newspapers. 

My Amazon page is here:

I am currently looking for an agent to represent me on a crime novel.

I am available to give readings provided the fee and expenses are adequate. No freebies given. Travel from Spain is probably quicker and cheaper than from Scotland or Wales to London. I live within half an hour of Murcia airport. I can also take on judging work for either prose or poetry. Current judging experience includes Glastonbury, Prole pmphlet competition, the Commonwealth prize, the latter for short stories, and the Forward Young Responses prize, a sideline from their main awards. Also happy to do anonymous pre-judging. 

I also have cat paintings for sale from my Facebook page. I have sold more than a hundred to collectors around the world. Prices start at 20 euros plus postage for original oils.

Contact me for professional matters only on
Most of my life is taken up with writing and research related to it. I occasionally also sell minerals I have found and jewellery I have made in artesan fairs. I don´t do much trading of them outside Spain because postage is expensive. Might work for several items rather than one though.

My husband, James Plaskett, does many chess tournaments in Spain. He has co-written Bad Show with Bob Woffinden which was the inspiration for James Graham's Quiz the Play.. He is available for chess lessons on sites such as ICC, Skype, etc. Contact him on if you are interested. He has coached David Howell amongst others.
Here is my new Patreon site with access for a dollar to new work. I shall put a new piece or two up every month. There are also some free items there if you don´t want to spend a dollar just follow for these:
Some sites where poems, articles or blogs can be seen: