Monday, 17 April 2017

Aliens from the Planet of the Cats visit Navajun, Rioja, for Pyrites and Wine

Rioja and Pyrites

Our commander told us to land our little vessel on the mountainside above a tiny village called Navajun, in the Province of La Rioja. We are from the Cat Planet where cats come in all sorts of shapes and colours and are rather more intelligent than humans. Our mission was to collect some very special minerals from the quarry there. Navajun only has 8 inhabitants and a lot of sheep but the food and wine are wonderful. The quarry on the mountainside above contains the only pyrite on the planet Earth that comes in large perfect cubes set in a matrix of clay. Our mission was to collect as many samples as we could before sundown. Pyrites like these are known in Spain as piritas de suerte because they are thought to bring those who carry them luck with money. Our leader wanted to study their special powers. Pyrite was also used by prehistoric humans to make fire. You get sparks from it when you hit it with a hammer.

When we had collected 50 samples we decided to relax with a glass of the local vintage. In fact we tried rather a lot of glasses, and bottles. We had been told that Rioja wines are some of the finest in Spain. For your own private tour in Rioja you can book through this site. We can´t promise pyrites but there will be plenty of good wine.
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