Thursday, 1 June 2017

Snorkelling Blog

By popular demand I am starting a snorkelling blog. If you wish instead to look at my Professional Details click here:

I have been snorkelling for years and during 2016/2017 I decided to carry on doing it in winter too. Cold-water swimming is great for the health. I also find things. Last year´s snorkelling kept the males of the family in underwear. I plan to update this often with my finds.

My husband, who henceforth shall be known as Beast, only swims in the summer. Here he is, far out at sea, talking to cormorants. There were six at the beach on this occasion which is an absolute record. Some sort of cormorant conference going on.

June finds included a fidget spinner, an orange shoelace (still looking for its pair) and hair scrunchies which I will donate to son as he is the only one in the family with long hair. We also acquired another snorkelling mask. On the 14th, I found 12 dead sea bream. They were obviously fresh. Someone had made a nick in the stomach and not gone any further with gutting them. I took them home, cleaned them and cooked them for the cats. I also clean up the sea a little, removing things like abandoned fishing line and plastic bags. At the end of the month got pair of pants with !I´ve got a big banana" on the front of them. They are a perfect fit for Beast.

July sea is a smegtail of small life. Hard to tell what it will grow up into. Finds included pants and T-shirts and some useful goggles which was just what Beast needed.

August brought extremely hot water temperatures, almost felt like a swim in the bath. There were stories in the papers about hungry saddleback bream attacking swimmers, but I take these with a pinch of salt. They all looked quite peacable to me.

In September, I first saw needlefish at my local bay. These usually only turn up on the other side of the port. I try to keep out of their way as they are slightly aggressive and have been rumoured to prod the odd diver with their sharp probosces.

October was a good month for recovering fishing lures. I prefer fishing with bait but my son likes them. Most of the lost lures turned up off the little beach known as San Pedro. Presumably a rather amateur fisherman kept losing them on the rocks. Their loss my gain.

November temperatures were still pretty good so I kept going with ease. Not many knickers or fishing lures out there though.

Getting cold now at the start of December. The Full Moon always brings the temperature down. I am now entering the part of the year when will-power is needed.

Didn´t get desperately cold till the end of Jan or start of Feb. Defimite willpower needed now. I have learned to stop shivering. I take a certain twisted joy in luring others in. Young men are often tempted then leave with a yell as the water reaches their bollocks.

March and April were still cold. There have been occasional sightings of small Portuguese Men of War off La Manga. Hope they don't come here. Have realised that I did see one off Cortina years ago. Did not know what it was at the time and searched a jellyfish page. They are not true jellyfish so it wasn't there. Recognised it recently when I saw photos in the paper.

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