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Fiona Pitt-kethley

Since 2002 I have been living in Spain with my husband, chess grandmaster James Plaskett, and our son, Alexander.

I am the author of more than twenty books of poetry and prose. Most are available on Kindle and one or two are still in print. My Amazon page is here:
My work in progress includes a book on mineral hunting in the Sierra Minera and another of essays on life in Cartagena. I am also working on new poetry collections. Trying to market a huge one called Around the World in Eighty Lays as well as writing the one after. My next book scheduled for publication is Mineral Adventures, a short pamphlet for Rack Press. It is due out in 2015. My agent, Giles Gordon, died some years back, RIP. I would like to acquire another, especially to submit the new poetry collection to Picador which will not look at agentless books. Anyone out there?
I am currently preparing new ebooks including one on the Fortifications of Cartagena. These are spread across 50 kms or so and have therefore required a substantial amount of hill-walking. Hope to have this finished in the autumn. I will also be producing some short pamphlets with essays or poems. My current ebooks for Kindle are all full length collections, novels or travel books, apart from a short guide to the Minerals of the Sierra Minera.
My most recent pamphlet is from Rack Press and is available from them:
Link to my reading of on of the poems:
Would love to get a prize for my writing. Anyone in power who likes my work please nominate me for those where I cannot nominate myself.
I am also available to give readings provided the fee and expenses are adequate. No freebies given. Travel from Spain is probably quicker and cheaper than from Scotland or Wales to London. I live within half an hour of Murcia airport. I would also like more judging work for either prose or poetry. Current judging experience includes Glastonbury and the Commonwealth prize, the latter for short stories. Also happy to do anonymous pre-judging.
Contact me for professional matters only on
Most of my life is taken up with writing and research related to it. I occasionally also sell minerals I have found and jewellery I have made in artesan fairs. At some stage I will post photos of pieces. I don´t do much trading of them outside Spain because postage is expensive. Might work for several items rather than one though.
I am also looking to sell a lot of my huge library now Kindle has made getting old books so much easier. Much of what I have available is late nineteenth to early twentieth century. Some books mentioned here:
My husband, James Plaskett, does many chess tournaments in Spain. He has co-written Bad Show with Bob Woffinden. He is available for chess lessons on sites such as ICC, Skype, etc. Contact him on if you are interested. He has coached David Howell amongst others.
Earlier versions of this blog were loaded with photos of life in Spain. I now have a great many more pictures on Facebook and Pinterest so I am making the blog into something much simpler. The earlier version should still be archived here if you want to see the photos.

Here are some magazines and sites I have worked for recently:

Monday, 9 June 2014

For the present I shall be using this space for my professional details and links to books and ebooks for sale. The old blog had a lot of photos and material related to my life in Spain. This should still be stored here if you want to look at it. These days I mostly post information on my life and photos on Facebook under my name. If you want to become a friend there message me but please post a Little detail about yourself. There are too many false profiles on Facebook.

I am available for readings still as long as an adequate fee and expenses is involved. I am not too far from Murcia airport so could be in London, for instance, quicker and probably more cheaply than poets from Scotland and Wales. I am also interested in getting more judging work, either shortlisting or as a judge of finalists

Contact me first at if you are interested in hiring me for a reading, judging work or journalism.

Mostly I try to place poems in paid magazines or anthologies. “The labourer is worthy of his hire.” Occasionally I give one away if someone asks me nicely. This will almost always be something either too short or too long for the paid markets, or a bit experimental.

First get your Kindle if you don´t have one already

Early poetry links:


Travel books:


Later Poetry:

For those who don´t have a Kindle or don´t like ebooks I still have some copies of paper versions. I could do the following titles to Europe for 10 euros including postage:

Red Light Districts of the World

My Schooling

Baker´s Dozen

I also have some copies of Journeys to the Underworld which I could do for 12 euros as it is heavier.

If you live outside Europe I would need to check postage. I also have single copies of a few other titles. Ask and I´ll see if I have it.

Payment can be made to my other email at via Paypal. Please don´t send messages to that one as they probably won´t be read.

I am slimming down my library and getting rid of some nineteenth century novels and poetry that I probably won´t be reading again, also a lot of Everyman books. The latter are a bit faded. The other books are in better condition. Let me know if there is anything particular you are looking for in these categories. I might have it. Some of the books are listed here:

One of my hobbies is collecting minerals which I sell occasionally at artesan fairs. Many pieces are only 2 or 3 euros but there would be postage on top. Often it is more economical to put several pieces together. Lots of quartz and amethyst locally plus other rarer ítems. Consult me if there is any particular stone you want to collect and I´ll see if I have it.

I also string together bracelets from chips of real stone. These are priced at 4 euros plus postage. Lots of different types: citrine, lapis lazuli, turquoise, amethyst, apatite, moonstone, etc.

My husband, James Plaskett, is a chess grandmaster and gives chess lessons. If you aren´t based near Cartagena in Spain these could be on one of the many chess sites such as ICC or via Skype. Contact him at

Lessons are circa 40 euros an hour depending on what is required.